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I would love to hear from you, be it e-mail, IM, comments and we also have an IRC/Chat channel!!

If you have any suggetions please let me know 😀

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4 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. 1 Zoe

    I linked to you from one of the sugasm’s. I read Shayssexcolumn everyday and I love it. I love your 50 things list. I like dirty talk, too, but don’t think I’m very good at it. I want to learn. I tried to figure out how to IM you or chat, but couldn’t figure it out. Do you think you could explain it? I signed up for Yahoo IM, but am not sure what to do next.

  2. Hi Zoe, the Chat is terribly easy, all you have to do is click the CHAT image.

    As for anything else, feel free to E-Mail me and we can see what you need help in! I have to install an IM client so that others with G-Mail can chat with me.

    Depending on your time zone, we can arrange for some fun chat time 😉

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