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It was WAY WAY overdue, if you look carefully now, on blogs you can comment using any form of ID, be it WordPress or LiveJournal or a few others!!! I’ve been wanting this feature since forever. And yet, I don’t like blogger vs WordPress, because WP is the BESTESTEST!

She’s found the way of the WordPress 😉 As many do eventually. Go and enjoy her most awesome HNT’s, her wicked WICKED rear, and drool on. BADBADGIRL!!!

My new blog


Yeah, I haven’t written here in forever…guess I’m just as bad as most bloggers 😛 I’ve been busy helping start 4 other blogs for other people, it’s taken lots of my tme, so has work. For myself, I started this. View the welcome page, as the site is for invited readers only. I haven’t added […]

I was browsing the Referrers tab in the WordPress Control Panel and look what I saw: Seems I got listed on WordPress’s Blogs of the Day page, for this post that was listed for November. Took some digging to find it: Thanks everyone 😀