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CyberGirl. she is amazing she is awesome she is breathtaking she is brilliant she is fabulous That is all. 🙂

It started early November, I read her blog, it was new at the time to me…never read it before. I went through as many posts as I could, had to read more and see more…she posted HNT’s…mmm Eventually I had to tell her how amazing I thought her blog was, something I do often because […]

Love You


Love me babe As I love you There’s no one else I want Just you

It’s common…you want what the other guy has. So very common that you know it, yet you cannot fight it. She teases you…even goes so far as to suggest if there was ever a meeting, she would…regardless. But you know, deep down, it’s just because she’s someone else’s. -sigh-

I gave an open invite out to anyone in Blog Land and beyond to ask me 5 questions, be it what they may, I’d be honest and open. Ashen is the first to take up the chance, and here’s my reply.



Half a day at work passes The hunger grows A call, a text…I need more, much more Lunch time arrives…”I’m going to eat…” I meet you at a restaurant, you’ve obviously come prepared Keys to a hotel room dangle out of your purse We eat…so naturally, traditionally The hunger to survive satiated…we take the elevator…*stop* […]

Morning time…


I hear the birds chirping I see the morning light I breathe in the wonderful scent of your body beside me I feel your naked flesh rub against me Our hands, move along one another feeling…touching…caressing “More” “Much More”, As I wrap my legs around you The first gently push….ecstacy …how I love the morning […]

I’ve been meaning to take one…any one else? I think next month sounds good…want to go to someplace snowy, where getting cosy is funnnnnnnnnn 😉

Seven Facts


The sexy and very delicious Imelda was kind enough to tag quiet me, so here goes, 7 Random Facts: I love the idea of being married someday and having kids. I’m just loving the thought of having my own family. I’ve got my Masters degree and hope to do fairly well in my chosen field […] Unbelievable. It’s such an incredible turn on…but damn, how must if feel for you ladies!