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Well, what can I say. Thank you! THANK YOU! Teh other day I had my first webcam session. I had never before seen a woman on webcam…nor have I ever tried to get a women on Webcam. So Im chatting with a woman, we chat often and yes, we had played (cyber) in the past. […]

Remember my soon to be author, friend? Well…good news! Her work is just about on sale now! Go go go people….she’s counting on you!

Afriend and I were sharing a bunch of squirting video links off redtube…

So to make things easier, much easier, I made a quick and simple Java Chat page for us. I signed up for some free webhosting for this, if you have your own hosting and could help out, I’d really appreciate it, it’s just 500KB of files. All you need to do is click chat and […]

So I had to set one up, if only to have a place to chat with a few of you, be it casual or terribly dirty 😉 (just how I like it!) What software you need: Your browser should do just fine! For Opera, click Tools–>Mail or Chat Accounts. For Firefox, install the extension called […]