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Lindsay Lohan posed nude for a photo shoot with legendary photographer Bert Stern. Bert recreated an iconic photo shoot he did with Marilyn Monroe 46 years ago for New York magazine. Why choose Lindsay Lohan? Besides her “depth” (i.e. sweater cannons), Bert found similarities between the two actresses: Stern, who shot the photos on film […]

23Jan08 :O

Oh yes, yes, YES!!! Girls n Guitars, awesome. (Click the more link below, delicious samples)

If you’ve ever seen Friday Night Lights, then you are probably familiar with Adrianne Palicki, if you haven’t, these Adrianne Palicki topless pictures should make for a nice introduction 🙂 Download: Louise Glover (born on 8 February 1983 in St Helens, Merseyside, England) is a model and photographer, and the first British model to […]

It’s a never ending web of blogs and bloggers…all having their own style, I love it! Getting Wet – The journey of a thirtysomething married woman. Join me on my journey of sexual discovery and giving in to my desires. I’m just a girl who likes to have fun and wants to have more! I […]

Hot ‘n sticky


Enjoy them: mmmmm licking black and white black and white 2 I was in a mood…what can I say? 😉

She’s found the way of the WordPress 😉 As many do eventually. Go and enjoy her most awesome HNT’s, her wicked WICKED rear, and drool on. BADBADGIRL!!!

Picture Pack 5 of 5 I put together a small collection of pictures, none are nudes. They’re celebs, artists, models and the like. Gorgeous women, all having their own persona and style. Todays file: The final installment to our small but delicious collection of images 🙂

Ashen, our sexy Angel has done some fiiiiiiiine work on tags lately, I was going to post about it last week, totally forgot. She’s got a good collection that is steadily growing, let’s encourage her to do more! She’s got skillssssssssss and being of the hawt kinky persuation, she knows just how to get us […]

No, not by me silly! I know a much better resource for it, I’m just too lazy to review all the awesome adult blogs that are out there…I’d much rather just get all hot and horny reading em and oggling the HNTs 😉 Some reviewers are very critical, but Sexy Blog Reviews keeps things so […]