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It’s a never ending web of blogs and bloggers…all having their own style, I love it! Getting Wet – The journey of a thirtysomething married woman. Join me on my journey of sexual discovery and giving in to my desires. I’m just a girl who likes to have fun and wants to have more! I […]

She’s found the way of the WordPress 😉 As many do eventually. Go and enjoy her most awesome HNT’s, her wicked WICKED rear, and drool on. BADBADGIRL!!!

Found some new blogs around the Blog World that I can’t seem to get enough of: Ashen, I’m her fan! I love her words, rare as they may be…and she is a great commenter 😉 Bella, she’s been blogging for some time now, she HNT’s, woot! Tons to read through, so best get started. Now […]

A bunch of links I’ve found in the last day or so now adorn my Blogroll, have a click and you won’t be dissapointed. If you’re a similar blogger, just email me and I’ll add your link too! And ladies don’t be shy to send me some extra erotic tales or chat! Current Mood: Horny […]


I found them while reading another Blog today, and I love what they write. It’s not just 1 person but a group of women who blog about various things, but all related to women. 7 sexy women + 1 blog = bliss. Their About page is a definate first stop. Don’t you dare miss