Back and wow…


Short post:

Been sick, ugh, couldn’t eat, bad bad time…lost a bit of weight too.

Internet has been non-existant.

Missed CyberGirl TONS…but we catch up so easily.

Was her b’day today, I think she got a bit of what she wanted, I was able to only give her what I could, I planned for so much, but there’s always next year 🙂

CyberGirl is awesome, so the status-quo remains. She rocks, she cums and squirts like you wouldn’t believe, just forget porn, forget anything, CyberGirl > *

Simple as that folks.

Have a safe and eventful day!

6 Responses to “Back and wow…”

  1. Mmmm….glad I haven’t lost my touch. *kisses*

  2. i like it when girls beg until they go crazy and squirt…

  3. 3 carol

    I loved to be finger fucked wich I had some now, my panties are moist!!!!

  4. 4 carol

    love a dick I am so hot

  5. 5 carol

    Want an older extra pounds man to talk dirty to me .

  6. Check swingers on Swinger Social.

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