Now about yesterday’s cyber


So as I said in my last post, CyberGirl kept me rather busy and my ill-health didn’t leave me much energy to complete posting (neither did she, but then that’s why she’s so awesome 😉 )

We broke some records too. She squirted on the first time…mmm. We so didnt think we’d play, I was being good again, and so was she. But damn…it turned out to be a day of kinkyness, quite a few fantasies…like many. She came 5 or 6 times…yep, a new record for us. Fantastic.

I think we had a very interesting set of fantasies…mostly private ones as we’ve been sharing a few things about ourselves that we’re not yet or probably never will be ok to talk about even on an anonymous blog. Plus its so much fun keeping you lot guessing 😉

Now Im going to bed cause Im still unwell and need rest, CyberGirl says so!

PS. her situation with a certain health matter is all good, was a false positive I guess…so YAY.

4 Responses to “Now about yesterday’s cyber”

  1. I want to squirt! I’m so jealous of you guys…but in a I-still-like-y’all sort of way! Hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

  2. 2 Rae

    And I meant it! Get better…I want to play. 🙂

    *long slow lick up your body, making you shiver with want*

  3. 3 Rae

    I kind of am awesome aren’t I?

    (that’s all right, you’re freaking amazing, so…)

  4. 4 camron

    I want to fuck

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