She’s making me cum via email now


Believe it.

I got an email from her, bright an early this morning. Now so far I’ve seen pictures and IM’d with her, CyberGirl is fabulous on both account. But Ladies and Gentlemen…CG sent me a video of herself that blew my mind & made me cum.

She’s got pictures (and then some) to prove it 😉

CG has the absolutely smoothest, slickest looking pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.

I’ve watched porn of womens pussy…but there’s something detached about that experience. You don’t know the person. Even the short clip from CG was enough because there was a connection, and that made it 100x better.

I had to go shower, cause I was leaving for work…and I figured she should know just what that included. I could imagine her naked and wet with me, kneeling while the hot streams of water poured over us. Gently taking my hard cock into her mouth and sucking, mmm sooo good. My fuck pet that she is, so much care goes into that saying folks, don’t misunderstand it ever. As she sucked, gently massaging my wet balls, slurping hungrily with moans and groans. She knows that drives me wild too. My hand holding her hair just tight enough, not to stifle her, but to hold on as she lets my want build. mmm did I mention she brought along her toy?


Yes, while sucking me off, she lowers herself onto that double ended toy, firmly fixed to the floor. It slides into her tight ass as well as gliding into her hot pussy…her movement up and down, sucking on it as she did me. Our desire culminating in a powerful set of mutual orgasms, her dreching the toy thoroughly and mine filling her slick deep throat with thick milky white cum…

Damn CG…you are fabulous.

One Response to “She’s making me cum via email now”

  1. I do so love hearing about when you cum…

    You really turn me on better than anyone, Naughty. 😉

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