Twice in a week is brilliant


You all must be mind-readers cause I know you can already tell this is a CyberGirl post.

Yes it is! But it’s going to be a short one folks, I’ve got a ton of things to take care of as the year-end approaches!

I think she’s got one of the most gorgeous rear’s out there…and mmm she can turn a guy on in more ways than you can count.

The other night was like no other, it just so happenned she got on when I started writing her an email! I don’t mind though, because it saves me having to write an email, real time is WAY more fun 😉

So we started to chat, I had an orgasm that morning, but didn’t tell her till later. I didn’t have much time to think up a fantasy, but I did well…and let’s just say her preparations were welcome 😉 That girl just needs to understand that she can squirt harder than anyone and enjoy it like she does with a little help from me that is!

I’ve been a bit jealous of her other guy…but she laid those fears to rest in her own special way.

We played, we played a lot…multiple orgasms, multiple fantasies…I even told her in detail about my morning orgasm at work…mmmm. I especially liked that we had a good amount of fun with that ass of hers…yes yes yes, her nice lubed up dildo, those fingers, she came hard, I mean HARD…I did too, twice.

She’s going to be away for some time, christmas/holiday stuff, so I’ll try and keep you entertained. Honest!

2 Responses to “Twice in a week is brilliant”

  1. Glad your fears were laid to rest… 😉

    Don’t worry about it being short…mine’s longer… 🙂

  2. MMmmm and yours is so much more detailed than mine. 😉

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