The best ever evening, ever


Yes, another CyberGirl post…it’s getting to be a regular theme now. Good thing she’s got her own category 😉

We’ve had a good amount of fun, myself & CyberGirl this past week. Having met online quite a bit!! That’s why our last encounter and this one seem to be one after the other, they really were.

I got 2 emails from her, dissapointed a bit that I missed her being online by 32mins. So after her emails, which are nothing short of amazing, have a bit of a read:

And now I’m wet, and horny, again, but I’m going back to sleep first. For a little while at least. I can’t wait to hear from you and how you came for me again. That hot cum spurting out of that slit in your cock, just waiting for me to swallow it down and lick up every drop, or let you fuck me hard and cum inside of me, making me cum just from that it feels so good, and letting it drip slowly out of my slit.

And then the next one I got:

I came so good for you Naughty. I used that little vibrator on my clit until I was going off like a rocket. My clit was so hard, throbbing to be played with, licked, sucked, fingered until it got even harder until I felt it all through my body.

Damn, 32mins is all that kept us apart that time. But fate was on our side. I get online and boom, she’s on moments later. Talk about WOW…our convo went something like this soon after:

Naughty: I wont disturb you…for now.
CyberGirl: you tease!
Naughty: mmmhmmm
Naughty: Im hard and naked
Naughty: thought you should now
CyberGirl: i could use a break…

That’s all she had to say, my guilt that would’ve come from keeping her away from other real life matters was gone and she was mine…mine to use and enjoy.

She said she’d go to her bed and get ready…for the first time I actually prepared for this and it felt funny, but she said I should think up a Prof/student fantasy while she got settled. So it worked out well 😉

We started, I always make her out to be the innocent girl, myself being the professor who’s just aching to fuck her, use her and take away that innocence. She (CG) didn’t talk, because I always instruct her to concentrate on herself, and read what I write. I find it very stimulating my words have the effect on her that she says they do.

Naughty: sitting with her beautiful white top….blue skirt…shorter than it used to be in my days…
Naughty: watching you study, as I correct papers
Naughty: Can you give me a mock exam sir, I want to really be ready for your paper…softly speaking…”Sure”…..writing on the dusty chalk board…a few questions for you to follow.
Naughty: You quickly write them down and get to work….time goes by as you work hard…I watch you from behind my desk…all the while hard…fantasizing what I could do with such a piece of hot slut
Naughty: mmmmm, I get hard…so make sure not to get up with yo here
Naughty: You hand me the paper, an hour after I give you the questions….”I’ll grade them now so you can go”.
Naughty: You nod…eager.
Naughty: sitting at the edge of your seat…your breasts pressed together….almost bursting out of your sweet white top
Naughty: nipples so hard…unknown to you as you lean…
Naughty: I glance…unable to stop looking
Naughty: You walk over..”oh shit” I think…but move behind me
Naughty: cleaning the boards like the good girl you are
Naughty: “phew”…
Naughty: I glance again
Naughty: mmm your skirt rides up high….soft lace panties show….smooth legs…
Naughty: and a gorgeous ass.
Naughty: I can hardly contain myself…
Naughty: you stop cleaning to turn around and see…
Naughty: Im busy correcting, as you come closer…
Naughty: You see me working away..
Naughty: and notice
Naughty: that your trusted professors crotch is soaking wet…and his cock is so hard…its pressing against the fabric
Naughty: “oh god”….is all you mutter
Naughty: …its not what you think…..”isnt it?”…”you sick man!!!”…
Naughty: you turn around…grab your things….and just walk to the door
Naughty: I stand…now exposing the very hard cock…the wetness
Naughty: “fuck”…you scream…
Naughty: just standing there…looking
Naughty: you feel your pussy tingle….a virgin still, but not new to the art of self pleasure…
Naughty: You don’t undertand the draw…the reason you feel it.
Naughty: You walk up to me…firm and proud
Naughty: “What did you think you were going to do?”
Naughty: stammering….excuse after another…you push me back into teh chair…
Naughty: and lean in….stuffing my face with your tits..
Naughty: mmmmm
Naughty: I moan…”FUCK….yu horny bastard”…you scraem again
Naughty: grabbing my cock through the fabric….you melt inside a bit….””mmmmmmmmm so hard”…
Naughty: “is this what you wanted sir?”….leaning down between my legs…licking aginst the fabric
Naughty: tasting my hot precum
Naughty: you moan out…and I just let all inhibition go….
Naughty: I hold you in place…as you lick and suck….then you unzip me so slowly…
Naughty: “there are people outside …in the other room!”
Naughty: “SO? You want me right…so fuck me”…
Naughty: With that you slide out my thick meaty cock….eyes grow big…and in an instant…you slide that thick cock into your mouth
Naughty: choking immediately…..”OH GODDD”……I grab the chair sides as you hungrily lick and attemtpt to immmitate what you’ve seen in porn
Naughty: finding out how different reality is…but unable to stop from enjoying the taste
Naughty: that sensation
Naughty: a hot member in your slick throat
Naughty: you feel your pussy lips soaked….your panties sticking to your skin
Naughty: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so good
Naughty: …let me show you, pleasure
Naughty: I take over..the professor once again the teacher…as I spread you in front of me, on the table…
Naughty: (mmm stroking myself…)
Naughty: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn….
Naughty: I lean in…licking you against your hot panties….slowly ripping the apart a you lean back and feel your self lose your mind

you get the idea, dear horny readers 😉

She squirted, by delicious little fuck pet…and simmered down.

CyberGirl: it was the best orgasm of my LIFE
CyberGirl: i’ve never screamed so loud
CyberGirl: i was screaming “oh god, oh god, fuck me, fuck me”

I could feel it all the while.

CyberGirl: i literally look like i just got fucked…hard

I know, the plot was kinda lame…it wasn’t my best work but I was caught by surprise that time and well, I was so damn horny I couldn’t think straight.

It was by far one of my best orgasms as well…but it didn’t end there.

I urged her on just a bit…waiting to see her reaction. I wasn’t let down…she was up for another and we continued the story, her having squirted the hardest she ever has…and me soaked in my chair.

This time she came even harder and couldn’t type at all…just lost in the feeling between her legs and the ripples of pleasure reeling throught her body…mmm I get horny thinking about it.

Her soft skin, soaked in hot cum…ooooh. I hope she’s on again. 😉

We chatted a bit after, it’s nice to chat with CG too, she’s got a brilliant mind and a very strong outlook on life. Admirable traits for someone as young as I. I try and get some chat in from time to time, but we’re such horny fuckers, we get straight to sex…!

I really couldn’t write more after our play, I was dead tired, soaked and smelling of cum…heaven. I slept so good, way longer than planned.

15 Responses to “The best ever evening, ever”

  1. might be a tie that this night and the next 🙂

  2. I think so too Rae!

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