Morning fun with CyberGirl


I mean, we really don’t plan it, but as it seems we tend to run into one another 😉

And let me tell you, this girl is simply HAWT…..mmm creamy white skin, soft fingers, her *wicked* bits are simply do DIE for…and so much more I don’t want to say here. Suffice to say, if you see her pic, you’re hard in moments. I know I am.

So this morning I see her on and immediately we exchange hello’s. We hadn’t seen each other for a bit, she’s a bit busy atm. It doesn’t take us long and we’re already wet and practically stripped naked fucking each other 😐

I figure what the hell, so I change into something comfy and tell her to as well…and boy, do we ever have a fun time. I can always tell what her fantasies include and I take over the writing part. We had a great time as we always do, cum before work is always good, yes?

Anyway…I’m in a great mood and soooooooooooo horny again…will cum for her when I can get a chance…she’s going to know about it too.

Seasons greetings you horny pervs…have fun.

One Response to “Morning fun with CyberGirl”

  1. Boy, I’m telling you…that Cybergirl is one lucky slut. 😉

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