CyberGirl and I last night…


…simply fucked our brains out!

But I’m getting ahead of myself 😉

It all started earlier in the day when she was in class and we tried to be good boys and girls…chatting about stuff that wouldn’t get her all wet and in trouble…what fools we were! We basically switched from good to bad to good to bad all througout her class…and in between them as well, trying best not to over do it, telling each other we’ve got to be at all times…

She was bad tho, telling me just how wet she was getting, how her seat would be all sticky if she squirted right about that time…gawd, she was really getting to me. I was hard as a rock as I am now, but way WAY wetter…that girl really knows how to keep me hungry for her.

She tells me she’ll be home in 45mins, my mind goes *pop*…just thinking about what I can do to her once she’s home…its all that I need to stay HARD for the next 45mins…and on queue she’s home and msgs me this:

mmm, finally home….and naked….with toys beside me 😉

Honestly, that CyberGirl (CG)…I ought to tease her till she actually cums, she sure as hell knows how to tease me. She sends me the most delicious e-mails, I’m talking about the kind of stuff that doesn’t just get me hard, but wet and makes me want to cum a dozen times just reading it…oh, and don’t forget the pictures she sends for me…mmmhmmm, the extra special, unable to be rated, totally delicious pictures.

If you saw her, you’d agree she’s got nothing short of a gorgeous body…every feature of her simply arousing on its own and her entire body a marvelous bit of womanhood.

I decided to send her a bunch of pictures back…something she greatly appreciated as I wrote to her, getting her off one after another, she hit 2 orgasms before she wanted a bit of a break, my hands could use it lol…because of the typing you filthy SOBs….*winks*

We soon proceeed to a very nice idea…an office-style fantasy…ooh FUN FUN. She was this nasty slut of a secretary, who had been playing with herself every chance she got while I was doing the same, except we were doing it thinking about each other and assuming the other didn’t know! That night we were in the conference room, and basically humped each other on the large glass table…licking sucking biting nibbling fingering fucking every single fuck hole you can *imagine*

After orgasm 3 and 4…she squirted a bit 😉 I couldn’t hold out any longer and just had to cum…and good lord…I did…I came so hard, I was throbbing all over, toes curled and the feeling of pleasure washing over me. I get hard very fast after I cum…to her great surprise and admiration *grins* and we teased a bit before she finally had to get off, no you even filthier SOBs, she had to get off IM 😉

mmmmmm CyberGirl is a woman you can really have a good time with, trust me on that.

Now I’ve got myself all worked up…I woke up sooooooooo satisfied after the fun we had last night…I’m betting she’s just as satisfied 😉

20 Responses to “CyberGirl and I last night…”

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  2. 2 vikkiinlondon

    Dude, this sounds like fun but you’re totally going to have an electrical fire and burn up your computer soon if you keep up all this getting hard and wet while trying to type. Keep at it, but be careful!

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