A friendship with a side of spice


It started early November, I read her blog, it was new at the time to me…never read it before. I went through as many posts as I could, had to read more and see more…she posted HNT’s…mmm

Eventually I had to tell her how amazing I thought her blog was, something I do often because bloggers don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, so I e-mail her and ask if she wouldn’t mind chatting on IM, she’s pretty straight forward, knows what she likes and has her limits as to privacy (anyone on here knows that about me too…I’m quite private).

Chatting with her was fun, she’s smart, very smart, knows about the world and not stuck in her own little space, knowledgeable about many topics and sexy as hell. I mean if you see a few of her HNTs, you won’t forget her any time soon. Spectacular body, creamy white skin…she’s got it all. Best of all? She subscribes to idea of being talked dirty too.

Now naturally I had to try, I mean, here I am having found a new friend, she seems fun, hot, and we’re so far apart, that she’s pretty comfy with talking about ‘stuff’ with me. It took no time for us both to finally get hot and steamy in a chat, with her and I both having very nice and VERY satisfying ummm…endings? I can’t think of the right word now, cause I’ve got to thinking about our chat today…she said she could only stay for 2mins, heh…she thought as much.

We chatted for about 30mins at least…as usual, getting so very hot and excited, there I was throbbing like a hungry animal…her clit mmmmmm her hard little clit was just pulsating with need…she had just cum in the shower *grins* thinking of us fucking. Yep, we’d started off friends and just added some extra spice along the way.

I’ll call her CyberGirl…cause she really invokes some wicked desires in me and seems to enjoy it as much as I do! We’ve been chatting as much as we can on and off…she actually came really, really hard the other day before leaving in the morning, I think she’s enjoying herself quite a bit 😉

We share pictures, emails, and chats…we have a mutual respect and trust for one another that goes beyond words sometimes, it’s not easy maintaining a friendship, but we’re getting along great, and give each other exactly what we want, what we need, what we hunger for the most, pleasure.

CyberGirl rocks…and I can’t WAIT to find her online again…alone…and simply fuck her gorgeous brains out. 😀

Maybe some time soon, you’ll get to read a few lines of our chat, who knows eh?

One Response to “A friendship with a side of spice”

  1. boy, that CyberGirl is one lucky woman 😉

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