Even more blogs I found


It’s a never ending web of blogs and bloggers…all having their own style, I love it!

Getting Wet – The journey of a thirtysomething married woman. Join me on my journey of sexual discovery and giving in to my desires.

I’m just a girl who likes to have fun and wants to have more! I like to play and be played with.

I can’t wait for Jemima to post again, mmmm the posts are simply delicious and the pics…ooh the pics are so good.

Clit-Think – Polemics, BDSM and polyamorous sex from a feminist slut.

I’m a 26-year-old, rationalist, sub/domme switch, queer, 32D feminist, Latina slut. I love adventures and the c-words: cunt, cock and cum. I blog to proselityze and confide.

Karymé writes so well, the pictures are amazing.

The House Wife Next Door – The True Story of a Nymphomaniac

The inner thoughts and musings of a closeted nymphomaniac. Since I was a child I have been finding ways to achieve adult pleasures. This is my story, from the beginning. The wild history of a dull housewife. You’d never guess now, unless you are one of the lucky few who have had me, that inside this married mother of two is a raging tide of lust and insatiable passion. And if you have had me….you’ve never forgotten me.

She has words, no pictures, but the way she expresses them are with great detail and passion…it’s always a surge of heat, reading her posts.

Fantasies of A Wife

She’s hot, great tits (mmmm), excellent HNTs and loves to share.

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