Sexy tags by Ashen


Ashen, our sexy Angel has done some fiiiiiiiine work on tags lately, I was going to post about it last week, totally forgot. She’s got a good collection that is steadily growing, let’s encourage her to do more!

She’s got skillssssssssss and being of the hawt kinky persuation, she knows just how to get us all interetsed.

She’s back to blogging too, we all wish her good times ahead! Her blog is looking spankin sexy atm, lovely colors. Have a read through her older posts to get a real ‘feel’ of her quality, it’s there.

We all have our downtimes…but we get back, that’s what lifes all aboot…(yeah that’s how canadians say about, I’m not canadian though 😛 )

One Response to “Sexy tags by Ashen”

  1. Thank you for the link, darlin!

    Yep, I’m trying hard to get back into the groove and even harder to stay out of the depression pit. Sometimes it helps to do anything but think. Other times it’s impossible to do anything but think. *sigh*

    Ah well, one of these days I’ll be my normal, kinky, perky self and back to writing scorching hot stories/posts … mixed in with my normal “my kids are making me nuts” posts. LOL

    *licks and nibbles*

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