Sexy Blog Reviews


No, not by me silly! I know a much better resource for it, I’m just too lazy to review all the awesome adult blogs that are out there…I’d much rather just get all hot and horny reading em and oggling the HNTs 😉

Some reviewers are very critical, but Sexy Blog Reviews keeps things so personal and in-touch with us, the reader, I guess it’s a comfy read. I don’t have to worry myself or think long and hard *grins* (move on…).

The BlogRoll on the side of the blog is also very uniquely done, such that it’s got links to others, but if a blog on there has been reviewed, it links to the blog! Ingenious I say. I look forward to having a complete list on that BlogRoll of reviewed blogs.

Be sure to also contact the author (our very own, luscious Mandy)so you can get reviewed. Hmm, I haven’t been reviewed, perhaps not Sexy enough 😉

3 Responses to “Sexy Blog Reviews”

  1. Hey DB
    I posted a comment about your nice review, and screwed up in a blonde moment I guess and put it under your previous post….duh….

  2. Ok, you talked me into it. I’ll be checking out Mandy’s reviews a.s.a.p. … after I actually move on from thinking lascivious thoughts about “long and hard”. 😉

  3. Wooo I knew of this site before coz she was kind enough to review me. It’s a good site huh? We like! and just for you Naughty: grrrrrrrowl

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