Picture Pack, 3 of 5


Picture Pack 3 of 5

I put together a small collection of pictures, none are nudes.

They’re celebs, artists, models and the like.

Gorgeous women, all having their own persona and style.

Todays file: 3.zip

And yes I know the story with Mandy is not yet out, I’m working on it people, I was distracted with some personal work to complete it, never fear tho!

2 Responses to “Picture Pack, 3 of 5”

  1. Ha Ha Ha…Hey Darlin…very clever, a blog review of a blog review site…that is deep…and cute like you!

    I did want to make a couple of points, one, you are right, I am not too critical, but when I started the blog I decided to look for the best sexy blogs I could find and write about them, which is what I try to do. The internet is full of not so good ones, so I thought it would be nice to highlight the best ones I could find. That being said, maybe it’s time I toughen up a bit and start to get critical…..hmmmm..did you say I hadn’t reviewed you yet?

    Also, my link list links back to the review, which in turn links to the blog. Thanks for saying that was a good idea.

    Haha! I wish you were here so I could ‘review’ you in

    Thanks for the review sweetie, and I hope I am still one of your favorite MILF’s!!

    Love ya

  2. Heya sexy lady!

    I am cute *grins*

    I do love your blog reviews, and the ideas that you’ve incorporated into that blog. It takes a good amount of patience to write a review, I know. You do a fine job.

    haha, I’d so enjoy being reviewed by you 😉

    You are my #1 MILF babe, truly!

    hugs and lots of smooches….mmm gropes too


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