I want it so bad right now


I honestly want to play so bad right this instant. I have to admit, it’s such a thrill, a mindfuck to say the least.

Sometimes, like today, I just crave it very badly…and need that thrill, that excitement, that pleasure in knowing some far away slut just wanted it so bad, she begged, she wept and she screamed my name to be able to cum. The control, that’s the lust I’m after, that and the knowledge that a woman had a moment of pleasure due to me.

Say what you will…it’s wildly addictive…especially if the women come back again and again for more. A real headtrip I admit again, knowing you’re wanted so badly…nonetheless it also feeds your ego…so much so you really top yourself each time.

When women say things like, “I’m shaking so bad right now…it’s incredibe” or “I can’t type…I’m still cumming!”…you really get a sense of well, wow…really. 🙂

I’m having internet troubles and hence have pretty much no playmates about! And most people on Yahoo/MSN (I’ve started to use these sparingly off-late) seem busy!

I was going to post this at my new blog…and a new story, but the story just bores me to write it without having some interaction, really it does…I know I can do it well but doing it alone is simply dreary and a chore. I guess that’s why I love the new blog so much, it’s sharing with a few, what happenned dynamically and at a moment in time…not writing them one sided, but what truly happenned with another human being.

Ask me to write a post and it’ll take me ages…sit down and create a post worthy of blogging, and I’ll be right on it.

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