Want, sometimes easily explained


It’s common…you want what the other guy has.

So very common that you know it, yet you cannot fight it. She teases you…even goes so far as to suggest if there was ever a meeting, she would…regardless.

But you know, deep down, it’s just because she’s someone else’s.


2 Responses to “Want, sometimes easily explained”

  1. 1 Mina

    Ah yes.. sometimes we desire what we can’t have.

  2. I disagree. I think you want her because of “her”. I think the fact that she’s someone else’s flavors that want and skews it a bit. Hmm, perhaps a case of want vs. want even more. I also think the fact that she is someone else’s kind of makes it more safe to want her. It fans the flames of fantasy somehow. If suddenly she were “free”, would you want her still? Or more importantly, would you want her at all?

    Things that make ya go “hmmm” 😉

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