I got my first cam show!


Well, what can I say. Thank you! THANK YOU!

Teh other day I had my first webcam session.

I had never before seen a woman on webcam…nor have I ever tried to get a women on Webcam.

So Im chatting with a woman, we chat often and yes, we had played (cyber) in the past. The topic gets to webcams…and I make an innocent remark (ok not SO innocent) about how its my fantasty to watch a woman…knowing my words and her stimulation are getting her off so good that she literally screams in the heat of the moment.

I have to tell you, I wasn’t dissapointed…it was everything I thought of and MORE.

She started fully clothed…teasing me, so well…she had done this before.

Showing me..the tender flesh…her cleavage….as I went on, about how hot she was…what I wanted to do to her.

Eventually her top came off…and wow, watching her tease her nipples, stroke them…SUCK them, and rub her gorgeous tits together…I was in heaven.

I was throbbing in my pants like there was no tomorrow…and then she decides to make me want more…gawd she is GOOD….her pants come off…FUCK.

A fresh, smooth…slick pink set of lips…a pussy so perfect…it got me soaked in precum…

I was in heaven…and hell, knowing her pleasure was just orgasmic, and if I were to …touch that throbbing shaft, I’d cum instantly.

I wanted it to last, she used her toy…fuck what a toy that was…it went in, slick…smooth and so hard…

She did everything I told her, my own little cum slut she turned out to be…got on her hands and legs, and fucked that toy real GOOD…laid back and stroked her clit while the toy was sliding in and out of that hot little cunt, finally ending…in a most wonderful of moans, with her body writhing in the aftermath.

mmmmm…..I want more…


2 Responses to “I got my first cam show!”

  1. That does indeed sound exceedingly hot. Items to buy list: webcam…

  2. Imelda…it was incredible.

    And I’m popping your CAM cherry when you get one 😉

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