Some new blogs I’m hooked on!


Found some new blogs around the Blog World that I can’t seem to get enough of:

Ashen, I’m her fan! I love her words, rare as they may be…and she is a great commenter 😉

Bella, she’s been blogging for some time now, she HNT’s, woot! Tons to read through, so best get started.

Now the last…well, she’s special. Why? She’s new to blogging, I think…cause her archives are 3 months old. She seems to be into cyber fun and she’s got a good attitude! Don’t miss her. Damn she’s GOOD!!!

*tries to find her addy and e-mail her* 😉

2 Responses to “Some new blogs I’m hooked on!”

  1. 1 Ashen

    Aww, thank you, darlin. I promise to post something way more upbeat soon and I do have a few erotic/dirty/raunchy stories in the works. Just a difficult time right now. Thank you so much for the hugs and comments on that. They perked me up.

    Geeze, promise you’ll link to me later when I’m actually putting out the good stuff? 😉

    *licks and nibbles*

  2. My pleasure babe…truly. Glad to see your blog link is showing with your comments now!

    Take your time…you’re in a different place at the moment.

    You bet I’ll link you! ANd would love to do some two-person story posts!

    *gropes n snuggles*

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