Ashen’s five questions, my five answers


I gave an open invite out to anyone in Blog Land and beyond to ask me 5 questions, be it what they may, I’d be honest and open.

Ashen is the first to take up the chance, and here’s my reply.

Tell me about the day/night you lost your virginity. How old were you? Were you nervous? How old was she? How’d it go? Did it live up to your expectations?

I’ll admit, this is where I would come off as a goodie goodie 😛 I had held for a long time, the thought that I’d only have sex once I got married, so I never fooled around as a teen, nor once I was of legal age. It was when I turned 20, I met this really, hmmm the best words are “incredibly hot, sexy, sultry, vixxen of a brunette with green shimmering eyes” *reminisces*. She was just, drop dead, no doubt about it, HOT. It was a night I can’t forget, and had no intent on it happening. She knew my ‘policy’ on sex, and was fine with it, I don’t know to this day if she took advantage of the fact she knew I lusted for her, or that she just went with the flow, but we had sex. It wasn’t good, compared to later years, but it was incredible in the fact it was spontaeneous…thrilling…and very much unexpected. Oh, she was my age, only a few months older. We had sex as much as we could that night, at her apartment. She was in the same university as I was, one of the popular girls I must add. I don’t regret it, but know that I couldn’t have stopped myself that night if I wanted to, it was a moment that I didn’t think, just did…and in that, I never want to change it. We didn’t see each other for many more weeks, we didn’t click that way…and I believe in relationships.

You seem to have a kinky streak – how’d you discover this? When was the first time you got to actually experience it?

As odd as it may seem, it’s in the wonderfully open world of cyber space that I discovered this lust, this unexplicable desire to be as non-vanilla as possible. Most readers here won’t notice that in my posts, you have Ashen, off-late only I’m sure. I’ve been letting that side of myself be exposed more and more on this Blog. I’ve yet to seriously try anything in real life, but I can definately say, it’s something I want to do.

I can’t really define my interest in the ‘kink’, I certainly don’t go in for the very extreme and what I consider, slightly nauseating, but, I have my side to it.

You seem, also, to be very dominant, but tell me, oh naughty one, have you ever walked on the sub side? If so, was it enjoyable?

It’s true, I am dominant, I always feel it’s a male thing, but I may be wrong. Especially if we look at the blogs that prove otherwise. I fight it, when I’m pushed to being the sub, and do what it takes to be the dominant one. I just don’t have it in me, to submit to that degree of control and power.

We’ve all got our sexual turn ons, tell me some of your turn offs.

It’s a fact I enjoy the tease, the build up to before two people finally take the decision (or go with the flow) to have sex, but I really, really dislike women who put so much effort into making a man want them, they go overboard.

I guess I need to have more sex to find some turn offs LOL!!!

*dials 1-800-ASHEN*

If you could be a woman for one week, would you? What would you like to experience? (I’ll be nice and stipulate that it isn’t the “wrong” week out of the month. LOL) Would you sleep with a man?

Now this I can answer easily, cause it has crossed my mind. Hell yeah I’d want to be a woman for a week!!! I’d prefer it to be the ‘right’ week too 😛 I’d take a week off of work, and basically go on a self-serving sexual gratification week to test a womans ability to orgasm to the very limit. I’d not go a guy, probably try sleeping with a woman, and by sleeping I mean fucking 24/7 to enjoy the ability to orgasm as many times as I can manage.

She went all out on this and I think that’s fantastic, open and eager to know is what I like about her. She doesn’t hide what she knows, and has lots to say…someone we can all learn from 😉

So that’s the first of I hope many more questions/answers! 😀

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