Ask me five questions


That’s the deal…post any 5 questions to me either from your blog or e-mail me, and I’ll answer them openly & honestly.

It’s easy (read: not) to write these “10 – 100 things about me” and post them on your blog, but it’s not always what people want to hear.

Happy Monday!


5 Responses to “Ask me five questions”

  1. 1 Ashen

    Only five?

    Hmm, gonna have to give this one some thought.

  2. 2 Ashen

    Grrr, I’m logged in, so how come it’s not linking my blog to my name? Help help!

  3. Odd, I think you need to log out and make sure you put your Blog addy before posting, I edited the above comments manually 🙂

  4. 4 Ashen

    Ok, darlin. My five questions for you are up on my blog.

    I hope you have as much fun answering them as I had coming up with them.

    To be fair, you can also post five questions for me, if you’d like.

    Once you post your answers to your blog, I’ll link back to them from my entry.

  1. 1 Ashen’s five questions, my five answers « Talking Dirty…

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