The couch and beyond


This was going to be an e-mail to someone, but why not post it and let everyone enjoy it.

You were drowsy…a long night, typing away at the couch…your legs wrapped under you.
I saw you…looking dazzling in the light as you normally do, my muse…my woman.


I take you by the hand, your blanket falls to the side, just watching you move up, stirs inside.
You’ve already read my mind, thought out the entire night…only you my dear.

That hot flesh, exposed…tiny droplets of sweat…glisten your skin.
The air…scented in that womanly delight, you never smell…you have a fragrance…natural.

You walk close behind, a slave to her Master, a woman to her Man.
The first step you take into our bedroom, you let your robe part…exposing those shoulders.

Instinct is a funny thing, I wrap my arms around you from behind…kiss your bare shoulder, immediately feel that pulse, rise.
I bite…nibble…enough to make you lean your head to the side, giving me better access.

My hands move across your robe…undoing the velvet knot, parting those halves and letting the entire night, shine upon that beautiful body.
Shivers…tingles…deep throbbing want, is what I pass from my body to yours, as those swift hands strip me…carefully placing kisses upon my naked body.


Warm embrace, blissful hands…all leading to those words…”Take me, Master, please Take me….”

4 Responses to “The couch and beyond”

  1. 1 Ashen

    I enjoyed it. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Beautiful. What a lovely entry! It makes me smile!

  3. 3 Mina

    very sexy

  4. 4 Ashen

    Watch the smacking, darlin. I’ve been known to smack back. *wicked grin*

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