Primal instinct


Just your scent…is enough to start it

not that much is needed by way of lust

but a trigger, you are my catalyst

you’re feline purrs…your delicious scent

they bring forth, a want, an uncontrollable desire

to have you.

With every breath, we draw near,

knowing the extent to our … heat?

No, never…impossible to gague this

Our bodies speak, our lips parted….till they meet

then they work…they work hard…biting, licking sucking, nibbling

the flesh upon our bodies…enraged…awoken

with the animal instinct within us

We must, we have to, we ache to

have that physical…totally sexual want, fulfilled

Our bodies mold…bare flesh-on-flesh, intense passion


Can we fulfil ourserlves? our mortal desires?


We can try…

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