Half a day at work passes

The hunger grows

A call, a text…I need more, much more

Lunch time arrives…”I’m going to eat…”

I meet you at a restaurant, you’ve obviously come prepared

Keys to a hotel room dangle out of your purse

We eat…so naturally, traditionally

The hunger to survive satiated…we take the elevator…*stop*

It was taking too long…I rip your white summer top…your frilly skirt…

I press you against the walls…no panties….*grins…prepared*

You mount me, hard and fast…no lube needed…

Enough wetness from both of us, your teasing during the meal took care of that

Muffled moans as we kiss…the heat ever increasing, my throbbing shaft…filing you in completely

Your legs wrap around me…I feel your lips tremble as I suck your neck…tasting you….

My hands clench your firm ass, and thrust after thrust…ensues

Again and again…absolute passionate want…intense physical desire that comes to a demanding peak

We cum…and we cum…and we cum…

As if time stopped…we feel every spurt of cum erupt from one another and coat the others sex in thick juices…

My hands dig into the wall of the elevator and you scratch, marking me…

Panting…..on the floor…soaked sex…

Moments later the elevator moves again…we shudder…”Oh no!”

The elevator opens on the 7th floor…somehow slower to reach it than normal

We walk out, composed & collected…and head to our room…our lust…growing more.

2 Responses to “Lust”

  1. 1 Ashen

    This is one of those times when you are growling in your partner’s ear “Take me now .. hard .. use me .. because I sure as hell am going to use you, and I’m not stopping for anything,” and both of you inhale (or exhale) a ragged, passion laden breath.

    Mmm, fantastic, Naughty!

  2. 2 Mina

    I am impressed! All that in a short ride of the elevator! 😀

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