Interview with B. J. Kramar on Teddie’s Tears


Teddie’s Tears was released to an awaiting public in June of 2007, a very short while ago. It’s author, mother and my friend, B. J. Kramar’s first book. A short interview with someone whom I think shall go a very long way to becoming successful in an arena she is very passionate about.

When did you first get the inkling that writing was something you were passionate about?
~ Well to be honest I’ve always wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember. When I was 22 I went through a bad time in my life I moved to New York state where I didn’t really know anyone, I had no TV, no phone and only an alarm clock radio for company most day. I bought a ream of paper and a bunch of mechanical pencils and Teddie’s Tears was born.

What genre would you classify this book under?
~ It is classified as Romance but there’s also a bit of violence in it so I call it a romantic suspense novel.

Is the story totally fiction, or are some parts borrowed from your own life experiences?
~ It is not totally fictional, some of it is based on my own life, I spent about 4 years in a very abusive relationship after spending half of my child hood watching my mother live through them. Luckily for me my husband is a far better man then the one I was with a year or so before Teddie’s Tears was born.

Writing an entire book is not an easy task, I’m sure the work put into it has come at a cost, would you like to share the experiences you’ve had during this time?
~ Well I’ve given up a lot of sleep to it. I also work a full time job and have almost the entire time I worked on Teddie’s Tears. There are also times that the family has wanted to do things *the kids especially* and I haven’t been able to break away from an especially gripping section. And at time’s it’s also affected my friendships as I haven’t always been able to spend the time I’d like with them.

Few are able to claim a book being launched as you can, many authors go unpublished…how do you feel being able to say with conviction that you’re now a published author?
~ It’s indescribable. I honest to god never thought I would get published. After spending so long with others telling me I’d never finish or I’d never get published… I almost didn’t finish it. The feeling I get every time I see the websites where it’s on sale … I get chills when I sign my first copy … well lets just say I’m not sure how I’ll react but I KNOW the feeling will be great.

What are some of the books that have taken your interest?
~ Well to be honest anything by Nora Roberts and her pseudonym J. D. Robb (as she’s my FAVORITE author) but I also enjoy Dean Koontz immensely, and at the moment am working on a Stephen King novel.

What’s next for B. J. Kramar?
~ Well to be honest I have two new novels in the works you can see excerpts from each on my myspace page. I’m hoping to be able to do book signings in my local area soon, and hopefully if things go as I *wishfully think* I may be able to just write full time and concentrate on that career instead of both Restaurant Manager and Authoress 🙂 but even if not definitely look for more books by B. J. Kramar~!

Thank you for the lovely interview. And wishing you lot’s of success with the book!

You can purchase the book either from or

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