Imelda Imelda, a meeting like no other


**As mentioned on a previous post, I just had to write out my thoughts of what a time with Imelda would be after watching her pleasure that sweet body of hers**

The entire time, all I could think about was watching her stroke that sweet pussy with that slender toy.. moaning and groaning so good moving up to her body.. as she lay on that bed.

Moving onto you, that tender frame, gleaming in the light, tiny drops of sweat forming, as I lean down and place my lips on yours…the taste of your sweetness lighting my senses on fire

Our lips part slow, as our tongues intertwine and tease each other, between our bodies, the heat flows deep…inches apart from each others naked flesh.

“I need you….I want you Imelda”, whispering near those soft ear lobes…nibbling them as that slender neck arches back, letting my mouth move down and graze my teeth against that milky skin.

“Take me, now”, your 3 words…that send a tingle down my entire body

My hand slides under between our stomachs…past the soft belly, the touch of my fingers tease you moist thighs….circling those pink puffy lips as they glisten with your juices.


I part your slick pussy lips with two fingers and my middle finger dips into your sex….your moans, increasing in pace, as you savour my touch. Your hips begin to rock as you feel that need….my cock, hard, thick…wet with want, throbs at your entrance…teasing your…loving how you try and buck to take it in…only lettings my shaft throb, hot against your pussy…the entire length of it against you and your sweet juices dripping onto it.

My thumb, begins to rub and caress that clit…so hot to touch…your body reacts wonderfully to it being stroked with a firm hand.

“Fuck me, now” 3 words again…this time with a heightened sense of urgency…of desire…of lust.

I ignore your demand…making you squirm as you ache for my manhood to ebb within your body…my own craving for your body unable to stay hidden, as I moan out your name….”mmmmm Imelda……..”….whispering into your ear…biting your lower lip, those crimson lips, gazing into your eyes…we speak…the words of passion, and I thrust…plunging into your inner depths as the force that shakes the bed and causes our bodies to spasm and contract.

I feel your pussy lips part as the juices coat my cock on entrance…your inner walls tightening around me, as I push ever deeper…hitting your cervix on my first entrance…totally absorbed into the moment.

We rock slowly….our pleasure at such levels that we experience them together for the very first time…our hips meet…our bodies smack into each other.

I hold the headboard over the bed…and thrust…pump my throbbing manhood to meet your eager hips….we fuck…oh gawd yes, we FUCK…”Harder, harder!” ….. my brain…reacting immediately to your voice, “FUCK yes….YES”, I growl and thrust into you with fervent desire, our bodies in heat… my balls, wet with you pussy juices…smacking into you as we fuck … harder and faster…

I move your legs over my shoulders and part you wide…making sure I meet your entire pussy depth with my raging cock…pushing till you scream for me to just take you more.. knowing I’ve reached the very physical limits of your sex.

Panting and heaving, we fuck furiously into the night…every thrust bringing us closer to that very height of salacious pleasures…our minds lost as our bodies enjoy the physical lust of pure energy between two bodies in need.

Your long moans slowly turn to soft shorted moans, knowing you are reaching your peak…I don’t slow down, but use every bit of stamina in me to thrust into you, my precum already having coated your inner walls…as it mixes with your sweetness…dripping past your pussy lips onto our thighs…my balls already slick.

I raise your head with one hand….and vigorously tease your clit, simultaneously …

…we explode.

Our bodies spasm….my cock spurts in wave upon wave of thick cum….coating your inner depts with my sticky seed…your pussy contracts around my cock milking it for its hot juices…as your own body explodes in a fury of orgasmic delight…my cock, drenched in your sweet nectar as we buck with what’s left of our energy and savour that absolute moment of lust.

Short of breath…heaving with every thrust…your pussy milks me completely…getting every last drop of hot liquid, and collapsing beneath me…as I lay at your side…panting with the satisfaction of a most wonderfully erotic and sexually fulfilling evening.

This is what Imelda replied back, as a follow up to our first day of passion:

I love waking up with the warm summer sunshine streaming through between the blinds. It creates lines over our naked bodies, curled up asleep on the bed. The light infiltrates my sleepy brain, bringing me back to the world of the conscious. Your body’s so exposed and sexy, the taunt muscles of your back, looking so strong. I look over to where your body is highlighted by the contrast of light and shade across the gorgeous slope of your buttocks. Well, they’re just ripe for my teeth!

I gently sink my teeth into your flesh, sucking hungrily, feeling your toned bum between my lips. Funnily enough this rouses you from your sleep and you turn around, exposing your already hardening cock to fulfil its role as my plaything. See a girl cannot live by toys alone, sometimes she really does crave and need the real deal! I move up to kiss you sweetly on the lips, cheekily sliding my tongue into your mouth, but only for a moment. My mouth has other places to be!

“Good morning gorgeous.” you whisper as you watch me slide down your body.

I press my breasts against your chest and stomach on my way down, as my legs slide against yours. That gorgeous feeling of soft, smooth female legs against the manliness of your hairy legs. My mouth opening, I look up one last time and grin at you just before I engulf your hardening cock in my warm mouth. You moan slightly as your length slips into my wet, hungry mouth. I suck at you deeply, savouring your taste. I part my lips more and use them to massage your cock, up and down. I cheekily remove my lips from your shaft so I can take one of your balls in my mouth and suck softly as your groan.

We change positions so you can be dominant; posed above me, driving your now fully hard cock in and out of my waiting mouth. I suck deeply on you, enjoying the feeling of being your cockwhore, of being at your demand and control. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am.

Spreading my legs and changing positions again, we move round into a 69, with you on top, lapping at my juicy lips and aching clit. I thrust my hips up to grind against your face, as you thrust your cock into my mouth as far as I can take. This feels truly divine. My body is beginning to tremble as you create shivers of pleasure in me. I use my hands to feel over your butt and squeeze it tight, urging your cock that little bit deeper into my mouth. I love the feel of a man’s ass, so hard and tight, unlike my distinctly soft bum.

Withdrawing your head from my pussy, you say “I want to fuck you just as hard as you like it.”

I moan my agreement at your words which have just sent another jolt through my body.


I move myself up into doggie, allowing you to see every inch of my naked and trembling body. I thrust my ass up so you can massage me with your hands and turn me on even more with your fingers. You use two fingers to explore my wet pussy, whispering to me,

“Like that do you? Like me filling you?”

I moan and say, “Fill me properly. Thrust that gorgeous cock of yours into me hard!”

On this occasion you oblige and enter me roughly, making my body spasm around you. I thrust my ass back against your cock, forcing you into my deeper. Your hands caress my breasts and I gasp as you pinch my nipples. To tease you in return, I reach around to squeeze and tug your balls, just as you like.

Your pace is more urgent now; your cock moving in and out of my body incessantly driving into me. I groan as I begin to feel your cock twitch, the sure sign that you’re getting ready to come. With one last powerful thrust into me, you suddenly withdraw and spray your hot spunk over my back and arse, and then your fingers reach round to beat a steady rhythm against my clit, which pushes me over the edge in seconds.

We kiss softly as our hot bodies meld together.

Posted by Imelda as well.

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  1. Mmmm it’s hot huh? Love your pictures!

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