Seven Facts


The sexy and very delicious Imelda was kind enough to tag quiet me, so here goes, 7 Random Facts:

  1. I love the idea of being married someday and having kids. I’m just loving the thought of having my own family.
  2. I’ve got my Masters degree and hope to do fairly well in my chosen field of work. I want to make $hit loads of $ and retire in pure luxury.
  3. I’m not very outgoing…I wish I was, I hate being single and mostly alone. Work sadly takes up a lot of my time. Makes me a loner.
  4. I’m getting my Bike license soon and can finally ride legally! (lol)…I love riding, its just fantastic. I would gladly trade in my car for a bike.
  5. I’m very sexual with the person I’m with…I can’t help it…sex crazy? horny guy? YES that’s me.
  6. I make friends easier than it is to find a Starbucks. Really! I’ve never had to try, I never put effort into it, people just see me as friendly and voila! I enjoy having a very, very diverse set of friends, I’ve had the experience of seeing what so many cultures have in common and what makes us so unique.
  7. I’m very comfortable around women, meeting them is what I find a bit tricky, but once the first awkward introduction is over…I’m myself and can have the best time.

That’s my 7 facts…and one extra fact, well…maybe not a FACT:

I am currently NOT residing in the USA or Europe.

Thanks for reading…I guess I need to tag some folks…it’ll be:

Let’s talk about sex baby; Hit the JaG Spot; Just Me; Mandys Erotic Life; My Dumb Stories; The S Spot; Woman For Life.

5 Responses to “Seven Facts”

  1. 1 Mina

    Thanks for sharing. I think you and I would get along great. *smile*

  2. LOL I’m also not very outgoing, but find that I meet new people and make new friends with relative ease. It’s like I have a “Need a Friend?” sign plastered on me somewhere. Certainly comes in handy, though.

  3. Ooh so what kind of bike do you have? Fascinating facts, thanks!

  4. Mina, My pleasure…And I bet we would!

    Imelda, I’m going to get one, once I get the license, looking at a nice Ducati Sport 😉

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