Squirting…intense? She thought so


Afriend and I were sharing a bunch of squirting video links off redtube

I’ve told her about it before…like many, she hasn’t squirted. We chatted…she basically got VERY turned on and we delved into the pleasure of cyber fun…she came once…mmmmm she’s got the ability like many women to have multiple orgasms, but with a difference, she can really keep going and going and going!

We watched about an hour of these videos….

Orgasm two approaches…I make her hold it…she’s mine to use, she knows she would not dare cum without me letting her, she just loves my control over her…I make her just want it so bad, she’s screaming for more, finally I let her cum, and she erupts…so hard and so wet, she still throbs for the next 15minutes. Her first squirt, in her own words and she’s hooked now.

Damn, women have all the fun 😉

2 Responses to “Squirting…intense? She thought so”

  1. 1 Mina

    Oooo lucky girl!

  2. mmmm

    She thinks so too Mina…and she is amazing to chat with!

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