My ideal woman?


My friend just said this to me and it makes perfect sense…yes she’s female 😛

you want a GOOD woman who’s a monogamous SLUT!

Don’t most of us guys want that? I do!

7 Responses to “My ideal woman?”

  1. 1 Mina

    Hmmm I may be on the right track then *wink*

  2. I have no doubt Mina! 😉

  3. LOL I find that this is what most guys want…

    …but, be it chance or fate, I keep running into men who love seeing or just knowing that their women fuck other men. My boyfriend is one. His best friend is one. The husband of a good friend is one. It causes me to wonder how many of these men there truly are…

  4. I couldn’t be comfortable with that, just me I guess.

    It’d make me a hypocrit, as I’d want (perhaps never do it tho) to fuck other women, classic male? We’ll find out some day!

    I’m very possessive, mine is mine 😉

  5. LOL I know what you mean. I’m your female equivalent. I don’t share my things. But I can share me all I fucking want. 😆


  6. Tag you’re it! If you wanna play, seven random facts you want to share with us. And I promise I’ll get a story to you soon. I’ve been very naughty, you’ll have to spank me 😉

  7. mmmm I’m it! I’m in!

    And a spanking you shall receive my pretty!!

    <scary laugh>

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