Rebecca Romijn does La Perla – simply sexy!


The sexy Rebecca Romijn does a La Perla ad photoshoot. It is a black and white photoshoot, in case you didnt notice already 😉 Did you know that Rebecca Romijn was asked by Elle Magazine in April 2002 whether making Femme Fatale had given her any new ideas about her sexuality. She said, “You know, in my early twenties I wondered if I was interested in women and so I kind of, well … did my homework. [Grins] And it turns out I’m pretty straight.”

Rebecca Romijn (pronounced “romaine”), was born on the November 6, 1972, in Berkeley, California. Once a college student who was born to hippie parents, Rebecca’s fashion sense did not go further than her Birkenstock sandals. Now, the only Birks she’s wearing are on her fingers, earlobes and neckline. In 2000’s X-Men, Romijn had her first major movie role as “Mystique”, she returned to the role in 2003’s sequel X2: X-Men United, and again for X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). In these movies her costume consisted of blue makeup and some strategically placed prosthetics on her otherwise nude body. In X2: X-Men United she shows up in a bar in one scene in her “normal” look, and also in X-Men: The Last Stand, she appears as a dark-haired “de-powered” Mystique. She had her first leading role in Brian De Palma’s Femme Fatale (2002). She also has starred in movies such as Rollerball, The Punisher and Godsend. She played the leading role in Pepper Dennis, a short-lived TV series on The WB. This series showcased Romijn’s talents for comedy, singing, modeling, drama, and adventure. In January 2007, Romijn made her first appearance on the ABC series Ugly Betty as a full time regular. She plays Alexis Meade, a male-to-female transsexual and the sibling of lead character Daniel Meade.

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