Can I be faithful?


I ask myself that sometimes. The immediate answer I get is, yes, if I am with someone, I am faithful. Yet, my mind does wander, I don’t act on it, but I can’t help from wanting more and more.

It might be just a hunger for ‘new’, as being with someone for any length of time, means that it gets into a predictable pattern. Sure, everyone will just say, “Keep it fresh and exciting”. Great advice! But doing that is the difficult part.

I’d like to think that the next real relationship I get into, I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and new, because I’ve seen what cheating can do to a healthy relationship, and it’s ugly. I’m glad I can say I’ve never cheated and hate the thought of being cheated on, yet humans are flawed and it does happen.

Here’s an interesting take on it…

I completely adore the thought of being with someone forever, treating them just right and making them feel wonderful.

2 Responses to “Can I be faithful?”

  1. And how do you know that 3 can’t be fun?

  2. 2 Res

    I’d have to agree with your point of view; although, the idea of 3 certainly gets my cock up~~two women & one man; seems like it would be a bit o’heaven, no?

    (Maybe I should change my mind more often.)

    Good luck, and many more twosomes!

    Res. 🙂

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