Fulfilling lust


It’s one of those mind-boggling things. Every molecule of your body wants that person. Mind, body and soul.

It’s agonizing at times, you want them, so bad. But at the end of it, you know you like it. That want, that desire, you look for it.

And it’s usually something you cannot have 😉

Those tender lips
That innocent smile
Creamy skin
Smooth to the touch
Soft curves
Heavenly voice

It was at that party, in that little black dress. It caught my eye and I couldn’t think of anything else. I knew that instant you were going to be mine tonight, no matter what. The world aside and my desire for you was my purpose on this planet for today.

I came closer, chit chat was enough to let me fully enjoy that gorgeous body of yours. A dance, our bodies so close, heat filling the space in between our bodies. I saw it, in those pretty eyes, lust. I moved closer, whispering two words into your ears, nibbling them softly as I let go of you…”Follow me”.

It was as if those words had taken over your body, you just did what I said. Following me into a room far off down the hall, away from the noisy world. I lock the door shut behind us, turn around and immediately let my urges take over, nothing to stop me now from making your body mine.

Against the wall, moaning already, I hike up that short dress, grinning…you’ve been wanting this as well I see, noticing the fresh wetness against the fabric. Our lips meet for the first time, ecstacy…the pleasure immense, you taste exactly like I imagined it.

I slide in, filling you deep, your moans filling the room, muffling them a bit to avoid calling attention to us, yet deriving that pleasure from knowing we could get caught, the thrill of it all. Our bodies rock in tandem, as I fill that desire burning inside from the hours earlier I saw you.

With every thrust, we get closer to that peak, the point of total pleasure, where we explode and for a brief moment are at in a place where everything is good and amazing…..brief.

Was it merely physical? Or more… Part of me is spent, the act enough to satisfy the urge, the other half, wants more. The black dress merely was an introduction, what about you, what do you want?

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