It was an innocent afternoon. Just sitting there on the bed, reading a book.

She walks in, confident, tall and graceful. Looks at the closet, and with a determined look, walks in.

She comes out naked, I smell the air, its difference, she smiles, and walks back in.

I get hard instantly, but stay on the bed…I see you return wearing that short lacey teddy, you pose for me, expecting?

“You’re horny aren’t you”, she grins
“Yes”, I manage.

She smiles and returns in, by now my thickness against my boxers wanting to be let out. I’m sure she knows this, after 2 years of keeping the sex alive and better than ever, she knows it well and good.

She returns, just a thong and lacey bra, “How’s this?”, “It’s amazing”, I say barely able to stop myself from walking up to her and pushing her on the bed to f*ck her…

I get it now, she’s talked about giving me a tease show, bit by bit she’s trying out her clothes, to see my reaction and whether she needs to get rid of some of it, but she’s saving the best bit for later.

She parades around in those outfits, lingerie, swimsuits, thongs and skirts. Shorts and tight tops, galore.

She watches me, knowing full well what it’s doing to me and how it’s going to make her enjoy it more later on.

The red thong, with the tiny strapless bikini catches me unaware, “I’ve never seen that one”.

“I bought it, but never wore it till today”, she says smiling away…

She undresses more and more out of the closet rather than in there, letting me gaze intently at that smoothly shaven creamy center, her figure casting a distinct shadow against the wall.

She eventually gets past most of the wardrobe…starts to dance for me, shaking and grinding like a total slut, just for my eyes and pleasure. Those hips, that are a perfect angle. Those curves that are to die for, skin that makes you want to lick her from every angle you can imagine….sensuous waves of hair swaying in the light….lips that glisten with a hint of the nasty….ecstacy.

I want her, I must have her, I crave her, my desires, my lusts, my need.

Fulfilled? Perhaps.


Dedicated to the one and only Devil….

One Response to “delicious…”

  1. Must have had some fun! Did you need a cold shower? Or a lovely hot one…

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