Mandy and her Erotic Life


It’s here and it’s wonderful. Wonderful to read, wonderfully explicit and graphic.

I’ve grown to just drool over each of those pictures she posts and she uses the english language in such an erotic level, it just leaves me wanting that hot wet body.

And it’s not like she hasn’t noticed me either, I mean, I do have an entire post to my name 😉

She claims her 50 year old MILF body is ‘old’, but f*ck, if I get to enjoy a 50yr old woman with a body like that, I’m not going to need more than a split second to get busy with her.

Just a sample or two, but wow! look at her:

Now, excuse me, but that body is just insanely gorgeous…so don’t wait about here, click that link and get to her blog, you DEFINATELY won’t regret it.

One Response to “Mandy and her Erotic Life”

  1. Ahhh you are much too kind to me. Thanks Darlin’ I love you too! I’d love to see you slipping between my legs! ooooh….you hunk!

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