Adult blogs, where are all the male bloggers?


Maybe it’s just me, the male in me…I’ve noticed abut 90% of adult blogs out there are by Women. Am I just seeing this because Im male? Maybe it’s because Im more attracted to a blog by a woman, rather than by a man, or is there a proper statistic that says Women blog about sex more.

I’d say so…seeing as women ARE more in touch with their sexual feeling, we men aren’t all that touchy-feely and are quite bad at expressing ourselves.

A quick look at my Blogroll, and I have to say, women do blog more about sex than men. I just love looking at those delicious HNT’s tho 😉

8 Responses to “Adult blogs, where are all the male bloggers?”

  1. Speaking as one of those rarer male adult bloggers, I’m just happy that we don’t have as much competition 😉

  2. I’ve noticed this too. We have a couple’s sex blog and we both post about once a week but it does seem as though there are more female sex bloggers than male sex bloggers out there. I’ve also noticed that female run sex blogs tend to be more popular. Perhaps women are simply better at this than we are. 🙂

  3. I find that most male sex bloggers run photo dump blogs instead of written blogs. I guess it could be to do with the theory that men like images and women like prose? And while I know some men who’ll disagree, women are generally more emphatic and thus tend to put more description into their writing, whereas men write about actions. And what is it that’s more likely to get you off? The writing that sets the scene, gets you into the mood, puts you into the mind of the character – the emotive writing that women are so much better at. And so which blogs are more popular? The ones run by women. Just looking down your blog roll, you’ve listed all the blogs that everyone else lists – the popular ones, that is the ones that get you off, and so the ones written by women. (And while we’re at it, why isn’t my blog there? 😛 )

  4. Surveys have been done from time to time and overall they determine that women make up the majority of internet users. Thus it would only stand to reason that there would be more women bloggers then men.


  5. It was Roger, at “DirtyBoys Dirty Thoughts” that sucked me into this delicious world. I really enjoy the blogs from the men, I wish there were more. But I am quite pleased with the quality few that I frequent.

  6. I too wish there were more men’s blogs. I love to hear or read a man talk dirty to me.

    Visit my blog and talk dirty to me! It gives me inspiration for my fantasies.

  7. Sounds like I should get Hardin to write more blog entries!

    Seriously, I think most men are more into action than this kind of introspective networking with people they’ve never met. But I think that by participating in this medium, you are gaining invaluable insights into the mindsets and motivations of women that will help you understand who we are, what we want and how you can please us by giving it to us. And we do reciprocate!

  8. i’m sure that Grace would want to me to add my blog here if only to re-inforce what a slut i am. i also share a blog with Her at which is truly not for the faint of heart.

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