Office Heat – Part 1


I get up, early morning. I usually have morning wood for some reason or another. I take a shower, brush my teeth, get ready and leave for work, it’s a Saturday but I had some things to do and you don’t get Saturdays off.

My job is nothing amazing and I wouldn’t mind switching to something else, I could find work rather easily I imagine.

I see you as I enter the department, every day for the last 6 months. You’re not one of the slim, scrawny types, you’re fit, you’ve got what I’d call a full-figure, not fat, no, not you. Your breasts are huge, and you make no qualms about showing them off. Those tight skirts, tops and fuck-me heels just add to the desire.

We usually never talk that much, you’re the secretary for the Boss, and I’m just another employee, a regular-joe. Today was different though, you seemed overly upbeat & were even eyeing me from time to time. I’m not sure why you were behaving this way all of a sudden, but it did feel good and I thought I might explore this a bit.

I walk over to your desk, noting that no one is around, “You’re looking particularly gorgeous today”, I say unable to avoid gawking at your nipples literally tearing out of that tight shirt you have on. You notice, I try and look away but you’ve caught me already. I get a little flustered, not knowing where to go from here, you have a glint in your eyes and lean over to give me a taste of those sweet tender lips that I’ve dreamed about so many times before. I stay perfectly still, save for putting one arm around to hold your face to mine. I don’t recall for how long we kissed, it felt like a climactic event, yet I knew there was more to come.

You didn’t waste any time after that, pulling me towards you and heading towards the conference room. My heard is pounding with the thoughts of what could ensue, but I want this, so bad. I push off all the papers & books that are strewn across the table, you draw the curtains, at this point I couldn’t care less about them.

I slow down, letting you strip me one piece of clothing at a time, until you just leave my shorts on with my bulging cock straining against the material. I do the same for you, except leave you with absolutely nothing on, except a huge smile across your face. This entire process was slow, yet it went by so fast. We proceed to the table and you get on, flat on your back, as I approach you, you pull my face to your pussy, that shows clear signs of wetness. I proceed to slow massage the area around your deliciously delicate pussy and occasionally stroke the outer pussy lips with my hand, you moan, it gets me harder…

I eventually get my first taste of your pussy when I gently but surely insert my tongue into your wetness and keep it in there for a while, letting you fully appreciate the situation. My tongue goes absolutely wild, eating you out like an animal. You moan, you writhe, you call my name out loud, it all just excites me further. My tongue is frantically licking you every which way possible, while my hands travel far and wide across your body, I want your body to feel excited, not just one area.

Your moans fill the room with intense passion, urging me to go ahead and get you off with my wet tongue, now drenched in your pussy juices. I just grin, knowing how wonderfully sweet you taste and how warm your pussy feels to my face. I make sure your clit, so soft, so sensitive gets paid special attention, I nibble on it, knowing how you must love it, then harder and harder till you moan ever so nicely. I blow softly into your throbbing pussy, just to get you know what it feels like without my tongue fucking it right now, thrusting back into it, my tongue resumes digging into your slick pussy.

At the same time my hands, firmly grasping those soft, sensual breasts, squeezing them, playing with them, your nipples hard to the touch. Your moans get harder and I feel the throbbing sensation of your pussy walls around my tongue, “It’s not far off now my slut”, “uhhhh” is all that escapes those crimson colored lips.

Your body shakes, your juices cover my face all over, you moan like an animal being fucked raw. Your hands on my head pulling my face closer to your wet, exploding pussy, “Mmmmmmmmm” “You taste like heaven”

“Yes..” your words now unable to come out, still shaken by that powerful orgasm.

Dedicated to CowGirl.

More to come in Part 2

11 Responses to “Office Heat – Part 1”

  1. Wooo hoooo!!! Holy fuck NB!!!

    Can’t wait to read part 2!!!

  2. 2 seductivepandora

    Yes.. that was intense!

  3. Oh, hot office sex! I wish it weren’t so illegal anymore. I don’t do it, and there aren’t many attractive people in my office–but it would be so much fun if there were! There are many dull days that could be enlivened by a little pussy lickin’ . . .

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