Why do we crave it?


Sex, naturally.

I think it’s because when you look at it, it’s one of the most purest (in the pshychological sense 😉 ) things two humans can do. I know it’s hard to think of sex as ‘pure’, after all,

Sex Done Right

Were animals at the heart of things, but we crave sex with our minds and bodies, something animals don’t do. Their only purpose for sex is to further their species.

I’m comfortable with wanting sex all the time, it’s only natural. How’s about youuuu?

7 Responses to “Why do we crave it?”

  1. I am sooo comfortable with wanting it all the time! My lover doesn’t seem to be too uncomfortable with that either! 😉

  2. I have been told that my sex drive is too much. I can’t be kept up with. What the fuck is the problem here?? I am comfortable with wanting it all the time, what pisses me off is that I can’t GET IT all the time.

  3. CG, I’m so damn sure your lover couldn’t find it better.

    BBG, women naturally can have sex multiple times a day. As a guy I would love to too, but I find complete sex in the literal sense isnt possibble that much, so I try and do other things, like send her naught txt’s/emails, foreplay over and over can be a great thing, not to mention plenty of pleasure directed solely towards the female partner, getting her off can do wonders for a total experience of sex.

  4. I am insatiable. My fuck buddy calls me his little nympho because he can’t think of a more severe term. I think it is healthy to crave sex, to think about it frequently, to fantasize. It is a natural impulse compounded with a potential emotional blending into the experience. It’s for mind and body. And I agree, it is pure.

  5. So umm……..

    Love this post

  6. Why do we crave it? Cause its so good baby!


  7. 7 Zoe

    My advice. Only be with someone who’s sex drive closely matches yours. It’s hard to be called “insatiable” when you know that’s not true, it’s just that rarely have you been satiated. I love sex. I’m just sorry that it took me so long to admit it and figure out that I’m not a freak, ‘ho, slut, etc, and it’s okay. Thanks for all the posts that make me feel sexy and beautiful.

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