Saturday Wallpaper, December 2


One for both the ladies and the lads, I tried people!

Send me some stuff if you want to see it posted, I’m open to variety here.

And if you just wanna share your pics with me, hey do so 😉

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

6 Responses to “Saturday Wallpaper, December 2”

  1. Hey, nice pics! Sorry I didn’t pull through in time to answer your mail about wall paper for women (but, honestly, I like the photo of the woman more *shh*)

  2. LOL I have to agree with Mel, I’m getting more turned on by the woman.

  3. 3 shewalksinbeauty

    well, of course…that’s a picture of me! j/k

  4. MMMMMMMMM kitty likes the woman also!

  5. yummy!!!

  6. Darn, I guess I’m not so good at picking out hot men am I? 😛

    Help me out ladies, you know what you like…

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