By the fire


It was a cold November evening & I just got back from work, cold and hungry. You sit by the fire all curled up in a blanket. I drop my bags and walk towards you to share the heat off the fire place. The past few weeks have just gone by ‘cold’, between us. You get up, and drop the blanket to the floor, I gasp. An erotic teddy adornes your body, something I haven’t had the chance to feel in a long time. It’s a see-through one-piece set with frills at the edges, bringing out your tight bodys curves. You pull me up and slowly unbutton my shirt, not saying a word, but I see a glint in your eye I haven’t seen for a long time. The undressing continues…

I go along, half stunned at what you’re wearing and half stunned at where we are headed, after such a long break. The fire roars and you lie on the rug with your arms stretched out, I oblige and cuddle into you, my cock now hard and hot, pressing against the fabric of your teddy. You just hold me tight, a welcome reassurance that has been lacking for some time. I kiss you deeply, those soft, tender lips that caught my eye the day I met you. Your tongue brings back a familiar and welcome taste I miss, I long for, I crave. Thoughts rush back to when we first met and how we were uncontrollable in our sex madness, we’d do it in every room of the house, in the car, at work in my office. We were an unstoppable force.


You turn me over on my back and proceed to turn around and let my tongue appreciate your wet pussy, still clothed. You proceed to give my throbbing cock some attention with your masterful cock-sucking techniques that drive me wild with pleasure. You gently suck on my cock head while holding my balls with one hand and stoking my shaft with the other. Pre-cum lace your lips and they glisten in the light of the fire. I hold your ass with both hands and proceed to give your wet pussy a good lick, ripping your teddy open with my hands to get to it. The first plunge my tongue takes makes you moan, you moan so well…

Knowing full well how you like to be eaten, I suck and nibble on your pussy lips, making them red and sore, while using one hand to rub your clit causing your moans to get louder and louder, your hips moving with every rub. My tongue makes a good impression on your pussy, your sweet juices flowing freely making lovely sex noises. I enjoy the long lost taste of your pussy, the heat eminating from our bodies so close to one another, the roar of the fire behind us.

My cock, not having felt this good in a long time now, fully erect and wet enough slides in and out of your mouth making slick sounds, you take my entire length in until it hits the back of your throat and you gag a bit. My cock pulsates with the incredible feeling your tongue and lips have on it, you hold your mouth on it for a while, making full use of your masterful tongue and cause me to even stop from eating you, just concentrating on the incredible effect your tongue has on my cock in your mouth. I feel it, that time-stopping, groan-inducing urge to let every bit of myself explode into you. You know it well and quickly shove my cock all the way into your mouth and tighten your grip on my balls. I *explode*, wave after wave of cum erupts from my cock and you take it all in a muffled moan, not letting even a drop fall out. I can just only just lie there letting you finish me up, spent and satisfied.

I turn you over and make you lie on your back with your legs over my shoulders, proceeding to finish off where I left you earlier, except I replace my tongue with my cock, not immediately though.


You’re well aware how short a time it takes me to get hard again, but it does take that time. I first rub your pussy with my fingers, two of them at a time, making sure your clit doesn’t get left out, its swollen and pink, magnificently wet and gleaming in the dark room, with just the fire to illuminate your filthy body. I nibble on your nipples, massaging your breasts and make you moan in delight, you finally speak, just two words, “fuck me”. It was enough for me. My cock was already hard, wet with anticipation, your pussy didn’t even remotely need any lube, it was slick and I slid in hard and fast with utmost ease, within no time at all I settled into a nice rhythm that involved you moaning and screaming my name with every thrust and me enjoying fucking the stunning woman on my rug.

Thrust after thrust, pounding your tight, wet, slick pussy. I love how you moan and scream my name, it fills the air with your sex, your delightful scent that could drive a cock hard in a matter of seconds. Your wet pussy makes for an amazingly smooth fuck, the entire length of my raging hard cock penetrating deep into your vagina and feeling those inner walls of pleasure. “Take it harder you filthy cum slut, you know you want it”, all you utter are louder, deeper moans and your bucking hips help me pounder harder and harder.

Sweat trickles down my body as I use every bit of enery I have keeping my momentum going so as to fuck you as hard as you like it. Your moans get louder and louder to the point I can tell what is coming next…your hips buck and you go totally silent, cumming hard, at which point I scream your name and release my load of sticky pleasure into you as well, it makes my eyes shut tight with the intensity of an amazing orgasm, indescribable. I slowly remove my cock from you, so far being held deep in your cum filled hole…our juices mix and it oozes our of you over your tight asshole onto the rug beneath.

Your face shows immense satisfaction, your eyes tinkle in the hot light of the fire, you are am I.

I get a blanket, and there, on the rug itself, cuddle your spent body into a deep slumber, by the fire.

5 Responses to “By the fire”

  1. Very nice entry! 🙂

  2. Hey! You write a pretty hot story yourself!! Talk about making a girl wet….Wow, and I love the pictures.
    Keep posting!!

  3. This post made me so hot. It was vividly sensual. The details were great, and I loved hearing it from a man’s perspective. Very hot! I want more!

  4. Sex by a roaring fire on a cold night is something to be savored! I’m looking forward to inflating the air mattress and doing that myself, teddy or not!

  5. Wow now that was hot!


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