Update to IRC Chat


So to make things easier, much easier, I made a quick and simple Java Chat page for us.

I signed up for some free webhosting for this, if you have your own hosting and could help out, I’d really appreciate it, it’s just 500KB of files.

All you need to do is click chat and you’ll be in the channel! How simple is that? 🙂

click here

It’s all text, so be ready for some typing! As far as when I’m usually on, I’d say about 4PM GMT Time. Do the math for wherever you are 😉

The previous post is here.

—For those that want to help—

What I’ve also done is zipped the files, so a few of you who have your own domain can upload it to a folder and leave the link on your page, that way it will still work if the cheap/free hosting thing craps out, which I assume it will from time to time…

MegaUpload or YouSendIt


3 Responses to “Update to IRC Chat”

  1. Having a look into hosting the chat on BlogStormz. If you’re around to chat at some point today, that’d be great! (I’m now on vacation and I’m giving BlogStormz an overhaul :D)

  2. … okay, it’s done. Try http://chat.blogstormz.com and tell me if it works (I don’t have the JAVA plugin to test it). I might get around to styling it before I link it from the main site. xxx

  3. It works great Mel, and I know you’ll style it well, you’ve done a great job with the Blogstormz site already.

    I’ll get to updating my Chat link as well.

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