Our very own IRC/chat Channel


So I had to set one up, if only to have a place to chat with a few of you, be it casual or terribly dirty 😉 (just how I like it!)

What software you need:

Your browser should do just fine!

For Opera, click Tools–>Mail or Chat Accounts.
For Firefox, install the extension called ChatZilla
For Internet Explorer, you need to get yourself an IRC client, HydraIRC is free.

The following is the info you need for any solution you choose from above:

Server: irc.irchighway.net
Channel: #adultbloggerchat (Yes, we can change this later, I just couldn’t think of anything else at the time)

Homepage for the IRC Network we are using.

Why did I choose them? Because they mask your IP, that way your location isn’t determinable, some of us want our privacy.

Hope to see some of you there soon 😉

**Note, I might not be there till tomorrow, got some stuff to do, just leave the chat window open!**

12 Responses to “Our very own IRC/chat Channel”

  1. Hmmm . . . sounds complicated. I’m not good at this tech stuff.

    Why don’t you set a time for the first chat? That way we don’t have to make wild stabs in the dark as to when any of us will be there.

  2. Cherrie, I tried to make it as easy as possible, but I guess I didn’t go a good job with that!

    I’m going to make a quick java thing, that won’t require any work on your part whatsoever 😀

  3. Well it wasn’t so complicated afterall.
    But I think you do need to set up a time for everyone to meet ^_^

  4. I’m on after 4PM GMT, for about 6-7hrs at a time.

  5. Ooh I am sooo excited to chat with all y’all! I even downloaded Firefox just so I could chat! 😉

    Who’s ready for some naughty fun??? 🙂

  6. SexyHoney, wow! You really seem up for some chat 😉

    You could just use the “Chat” link, no need to install extra stuff.

  7. Hey Naughty, stopping by for a spanking.

  8. wooohoo, with that pic of yours sexystorys, you don’t have to ask twice!

    *spanks that sexy tushy*

  9. I wonder if there is a national spanking week? If not, I would like to instate one.

  10. sexystorys, where do we sign up! I’m sure it’ll be a hit.. 😉

  11. sexystories: There is a national “spank your maid” month in April! (Well, I say national, it’s more of an online thing…)

    Mel (BlogStormz Mel)

  1. 1 Update to IRC Chat « Talking Dirty…

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