What I did to Devil in a Blue Dress


It was an evening out, as per our discussion earlier that day. I show up at your house, all dressed up, I clean up good. I ring the door bell, I’m greeted by a stunning Lady. You invite me in, I can’t believe how gorgeous you look and in particular that dress, that blue dress. I was probably drooling at the time, I cannot remember, I just recall looking at your body, that devilishly slutty blue dress, the plugining neck line, how absolutely revealing it was and yet you seemed quite simply at home in it.

“You look quite good”, I say, “Thanks, I was hoping you’d like it” you reply. I see a tingle in your eye and feel an urge building inside me, a very familiar one at that. My breathing got a bit harder and my voice deeper, “Come here”. You obey instantly and come closer, I put my arms around you and pull you close to me, our bodies are touching. I slowly kiss your lips and taste your sweet mouth with mine, all the while caressing your firm ass with my hands. I know what I want, and I want it NOW. I push you against the nearest wall and let your excllent hands feel my now throbbing cock. Your face passes my chest and I can feel your lips make contact with my cock for the first time. It sends shivers down to imagine what lay ahead for me and my cock. You begin by slowly licking my balls, grabbing them with both hands to apply a soft yet arousing pain to the area. Your mouth takes my cock in for the first time and it causes me to arch my back in order to let you fully take my cock into your throat, all the way in, as deep as it could go. You begin slowly sucking on my cock and paying special attention to the cock head, the most sensitive area of the cock. Now throbbing hard and very hot, realizing how much time is left before I explode all over your face, you take my cock into your throat deeper than I ever thought possible and with enough pleasure from that, I unload my entire sticky white love juice into your throat, you gulp it down hungrily making sure you get every drop and now forgetting to lick my cock over and over letting it settle back down.

lying naked

I carry you over to the bed now, lay you on the bed, and slowly lick your chest, making sure I cover the entire open area. I then proceed to slowly uncover the clothed area, I’m rough, I hold you down and rip off anything I see in my way, making sure to just leave your fishnet stockings on, because they get me hot. I lick your pink pussy lips with my wet tongue watching you try and move about, immediately being held down by me. I hear you moan, at first softly but it gets louder and quicker with every suck. My tongue teases your clit, using two fingers I rub your pussy while I nibble your clit and get it very hard. I lap your pussy up and taste the heavenly juices that leak from within. I extend one hand to pinch and play with your nipples, while my face concentrates with much delight in eating you out like you were the last meal on earth. Within some time, you have a raging orgasm that covers my face in your sweet honey and I proceed to clean you up like a NaughtyBoy.

Within no time my cock had regained its perpetual hardness and I soon began gently storking my entire lenght against your pussy lips, teasing you to the point your hips arch forward as if to be beg to be fucked. I enter your pussy with every bit of force I have and my balls slap your ass. I pound your pussy like a raging jackhammer and don’t give you a second to think about the amount of force I’m pumping into your slick, wet, dripping pussy. You are moaning and now screaming with pain and pleasure as I ram your pussy time after time, leaving it no time whatsoever to lose its wetness. My balls smacking your ass, now both you & I red with the perpetual smacks as a result of my relentless cock pounding your tight pussy. “I bet your filthy ass would love to taste my cum deep inside, wouldn’t it?“, “Yes, it would” is the best you could muster up between the moans. In one swift move I pull out my entire length and shove it hard and fast into your ass and with no lost time, I return to pounding you, with the only difference that your ass is stretching and flexing its muscles rapidly, making you scream in pure pleasure. My fingers give your clit some much needed attention, rubbing & pinching it hard and within no time we cum together. You gush all over my cock and stomach, while I let my hot, sticky, cum deep inside your ass. Spent, panting, still moaning, the after affects of a spectacular fuck.

I crawl over your body, and taste your lips once again taking your tongue for all its pleasure, knowing that in not too long, I’d be ready for another round…

Suffice to say, we never left the house that night.

Devil in a Blue Dress

22 Responses to “What I did to Devil in a Blue Dress”

  1. OMG….HOT…Thanks for the help/comments on my blog….Now I am sufficiently horny (not that I’m not always, but I’m too worked up now to think of anything else!)…Now where did I put the rabbit? 😉



  2. Thans SexyHoney! I’m always in the mood too!

  3. Oh my! Now that is a hot greeting!!

  4. Wow! I’m honored. So sweet to think of me. So much fun, and so hot! Lovely….

  5. Damn hot!!! Man I gotta go relieve myself!!!!

  6. Mmmmm . . . sounds like one wonderful night! That lovely Devil will drain your reservoir, for sure. Just give her a squirt of lube before you pound that cock of yours in rearwards. She’ll appreciate it!

  7. Devil, you rock my world!

    CowGirl, you know where to find me 😉

    Cherrie, she can drain me anytime she likes…and as for the lube, trust me when I say we’d be so wet beforehand that lube wouldn’t be necessary at all, I’d just glide into her and give her a good pounding!

  8. Ooh! I knew DBD was a naughty naughty girl, but I had no idea about the sexy details! ^_~

  9. Fantastic photo. There’s nothing quite like a red head.

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