My growing sidebar


I’ve been adding myself to blog directories and signing up to a few places.

Adult Blog Hub, It would be nice it it got your posts and added them automatically via an RSS feed.

Blog Stormz

Adult Blogster

Sex Blogger Community

Steamy Sex Blogs

JoyScape Weblogs

Any others you guys think I should add myself too?

3 Responses to “My growing sidebar”

  1. Thanks very much for the mention.

    As for the RSS feed; We do intend to add this at some point, however it was not part of our original vision as we look upon the posts on ABH as the ones that each blogger has chosen to record. RSS is great for some listings but denies the individual blogger the discretion that manual posting provides. But it will arrive on ABH eventually as an optional plug.

    We have other features that we believe sets us apart from fully automated listings too, e.g. reviews, post clasifications and multiple searching methods. And if you have any other features you think would benefit users, just suggest them.


  2. Hi Louis, how about if the RSS feed automatically added the post BUT before publishing it to the site allowed the user to choose what got published.

    ABH seems to be really well setup, everything I could think of, I managed to find 🙂

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