HNT sites and more


HNT is one my all time favorite things to read about, because it’s just so damn cool, not to mention the pictures! Oh My God, the pictures. Women, you are simply gorgeous, don’t let anyone tell you different, be it physical beauty or sexual, you’ve got it going for you.

Where it all began and more.

I’ve been toying with the idea of taking part in HNT, nothing spectacular, maybe a few tiny pictures, lets see how that goes.

A few sites that really stand out:

The Other HNT, official description: This site is intended to showcase anonymous pictures from those who would rather not post HNTs on their own sites, or regular HNTers who would like to do something a little more risqué.

Pandora’s Box, just take a look at that sidebar! I’d bet you’d be wet within minutes of looking at those pictures. She’s so good, she has more than just HNT, she’s got PBM Pussy Blogging Monday, and that is just something you cannot afford to miss. Go there now!

CumSlut & SuperCock, you just cannot blog about this stuff and not mention them!

Devil’s Sexy Pictures, an entire blog devoted to Devils pictures, *drool*

I just visited those sites again, and my cock is just begging for some relief now!

If I missed your site, just let me know, or comment!

9 Responses to “HNT sites and more”

  1. Mmm, those were some good ones!! I can’t compare to them.
    I need to take better pics! 😉

  2. They’re fucking-fantastic! And your pics are definately up there with the rest of them, those lips are so attractive!

  3. Well thank you!

    Thanks for linking me, I added you also!

  4. You mean you didn’t visit me! *pout*

    Yes it would be great to get you in on the action. 😉

  5. Suze, you’re at the top of my blogroll 😉 or would you prefer to be below 😛

  6. Laughing. I’m so glad you love my stuff.

  7. Wow, I cannot believe I missed this one!

  8. well I am feeling pretty left out…. it was my very first HNT.

    And I love your icon. Real Men eat pussy… DAMN STRAIGHT. Can I post that on my blog somewhere??

  9. Bad Bad Girl, I’m sorry! I couldn’t post everyone’s links 😛

    Here’s yours! Everyone click for some awesome boobage now!!!

    Glad you like the icon, please use it! Here’s a link to a larger pic.

    I might edit mine to put some space between each line of text.

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