50 Sexual Things About Me


So my 25 Sexual Things About Me post was quite exciting to write, it was the first time I had done something like that. I was able to cross 25, so deleted a few to make it a nice 25 to post. Now I can let those others into the post as well. Here goes nothing! I hope none repeat, I’ll do my best.

  1. I want to be dominated by 2 women at once
  2. I want to have sex on the beach, a female nudist beach.
  3. I want to fuck so hard, the bed breaks!
  4. I want to experience having multiple orgasms, over and over and over and over.
  5. I want to fuck a woman in both, her pussy and her ass at once, I’d need a nice toy for the job.
  6. I love to watch a woman squirt, it turns me on, like crazy.
  7. I want to be responsible for getting a woman to squirt.
  8. If I could, I’d ideally want to be able to get a woman off just by using my tongue. I want to be an amazing pussy-eater too.
  9. I want to fuck a supermodel, ANY supermodel.
  10. I want to have sex in a really greasy place, so our bodies would be slippery and slick.
  11. I want to have sex in a very cold place, and the only reason would be that the woman wanted to be warmed up.
  12. I want to fuck someone in the elevator, even a quickie would do.
  13. I blog to be turned on by the many sexy chatters out there, it does turn me on reading them.
  14. I love the idea of mixing certain foods and sex, stuff like whipped cream, hot chocolate.
  15. A glistening body, a result of it being covered in edible (or even massage) oil turns me the fuck on! I love it.
  16. I love to cum so hard, my load shoots out, rather than pathetically drips out.
  17. I prefer deep throating a woman, and releasing my load in her mouth, but I’d be as satisfied giving her a facial or what she liked, cause that way she can feel how hot my cum is, trust me, its hot.
  18. I want to try angry sex, where there is so much intensity, every sensation feels 10x better.
  19. I also want to have make-up sex, never had that before, I hear it’s good.
  20. Big tits turn me on, although I’m sure this is the case with any male.
  21. Nipples are a particular area on a woman I like to pay attention to, mostly because they’re on her tits, my other fav place.
  22. Pussy lips turn me on, especially those puffy, pink ones, more to lick and suck…mmmmm.
  23. I want to have an all female orgy, with me as the center of attention.
  24. I want to be sex starved for a month, that means no sex/jerking off of any kind. And after that month is over, I want to fuck the hottest woman I can find like an animal.
  25. I want to be teased like crazy, bringing me to the edge of an orgasm and not letting me finish, teased and controlled to be used.
  26. I want to wake up every morning and go to bed every night with a tight pussy around my cock.
  27. I want to wake up to a blowjob.
  28. A pussy that’s clean shaven turns me on, I also like the various patterns that now adorn that lovely area on a woman.
  29. I want to, just once, shave a womans pussy and know that *I* did that!
  30. I want to be fucking a woman from behind with my cock and have a strap-on on my back so I could fuck another woman behind me.
  31. I recently started holding my balls with one hand while jerking off with the other, it feels much better this way.
  32. Saying I have sex on the brain is an understatement, it’s all I have on my brain all day long.
  33. I have very good self-control, it also leads to a better finish.
  34. I respect a womans right to say no and don’t take advantage of situations that involve someone getting hurt emotionally. Its wrong.
  35. I sometimes cringe my toes when I cum.
  36. My ass is as yet, untouched, I do plan on keeping it that way, thank you very much.
  37. I love the idea of fisting, it’s on my to-do list, ladies.
  38. I have soft skin, and I’ve been told the same. I love soft women, it’s a turn on, makes me want to feel them all over.
  39. I love to snuggle and spoon, leaving my cock right between a womans legs and/or in her back, hard and hot.
  40. I don’t like wearing underwear, commando is my style.
  41. I get hard in the car from the right song on the radio, all it takes is a sexy voice.
  42. I love sending dirty text messages, emails, chat to a woman, the thought of her reading it so far away is what excites me.
  43. I’ve learned alot of the right words to use in a dirty chat, but I lack practice, *hint* *hint* *hint*
  44. I have a sex-drive that won’t quit, it’s very exciting.
  45. I’m not the best at reading women, they confuse me, all I see when I’m horny is woman+fuckable.
  46. Food is my weakness, a woman is an even bigger weakness though, especially one I’d like to hump.
  47. Women tend to realize quickly the power they have over me, which is on occasion a good thing.
  48. I’m turned off by many fetishes out there, I don’t think I have more than very few and they are mild in comparion to what alot of people like.
  49. Lesbian porn is the best to me, mix that with a bit of squirting and a tiny bit of Male/Female action, I think I should become a porn director!
  50. I want to fuck a woman so hard, she thinks of sex with me before anything else.

And there you have it, I’m quite wet after writing all that, so enjoy it and comment back!

31 Responses to “50 Sexual Things About Me”

  1. I suppose that little exercise has drained you, at least for the moment

    A few reactions:

    5. That’s a lot of fun. Any old vibrator will do!

    14. Madame X would love you if you covered her in chocolate.

    23. Let me know if you achieve this particular Nirvana.

    30. Now that would be an interesting Friday Position!

    36. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!

  2. It sure did Cherrie, what’s a Friday Position?

    /me runs off to find Madame X’s blog

  3. Too bad about #20! 😉

  4. Great list. Thanks for visiting my site. I’ll be coming back here for sure!!!

  5. Welcome to my humble blog Madame X, you’re so well known, Cherrie even commented about you on my blog!

    #20, well, I can’t help it, tits are my weakness. I don’t mind regular size, but there has to be something there!

  6. CowGirl, my pleasure, it always is 😉

  7. I Totally understand!

    I know this to be true and it just makes my job harder.

  8. You have to remember MadameX, that tits are just 1 of the 50 listed here, so you’ve got 49 other things (not to mention my previous 25 Sexual things post) to use, you’ve got more chances than anyone could ask for.

    Legs, Ass, Pussy, I bet you can pick one and just rock at it!

  9. Relax, I just meant that in genral men like big tits…makes getting noticed that much harder for those of us less well endowed.

    Once I get them though, they stay got 😉

  10. Big tits draw attention, true, but even the less endowed are VERY oggle-able, trust me 😉 Every woman is unique, and I can always find something about them that draws stares from me.

    Hah, well, you got me aleady 😛

  11. Very hot list. Got me think about being fucked hard. Mmmmmm. I did a 50 sex things on my blog a while back too. I love the random lists of mini-confessions. Nice blog.

  12. 12 sexguru

    sex in public places really excite me…only though not getting caught..quickies in bus or trains are very exciting..that makes very passionate

  13. I have had sex til we broke the bed – definitely keep it in your top 50 list. It’s fun!!! Great blog, great list – good luck accomplishing them all. I hope we get to hear all about your adventures.

  14. Fantastic! I love your honesty here, and you’ve given me a few tips while you were at it! Thanks. 😉


  15. #8 should be easy to do. Many, many women mainly cum that way: tongue pleasure on clit.

  16. nice one. i will come back to have a look at it.

  17. it really sounds like you’ve never had sex before 🙂

  18. forsoothsayer, haha, well trust me when I say some of these are a bit more than what I’m used to, I tried a few before, but not to this extent 😛


  19. Regarding number eight, you must keep practising darling. There is nothing hornier than sitting on someone’s face and cumming against their lips and tongue.

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