Got me a account too


I wasn’t being the best commentor by using my account to comment on blogs. So with a little help from my new friends, Alex & Devil in Sexy Blue Dress, I registed on

It’s just a shell of a blog, so I can login to and make comments 🙂

I so far have only one problem. I login to (the one). I then use bookmarks in my browser to visit the many blogs I now read and it asks me to login again to make a comment, isn’t that what cookies are for? to remember me? Oddly enough, if I keep that one Dashboard page open, it’ll remember me.

Opera is all set to Accept all cookies too.

Guess I’ll have to do it the hard way and sign into via the comments page everytime, a pain!

3 Responses to “Got me a account too”

  1. Sounds like you need Firefox and it’s luxury of tabbed windows!!! IE sucks as a browser you know. It’s right up there with Bad Blogger!

  2. *looks above* opera has tabs too. To be honest, most sites (such as blogger and e-bay) don’t get the hang of tabbed browsing. If you open the blogs in different tabs before you sign in to dashboard, then each tab will ask you to sign in when you go to post a comment. E-bay has the same problem when browsing their site with tabs too – in fact, you need to be very careful if there is more than one person who uses E-Bay on the same PC. Anyway, I’m off the point. All I really wanted to say is that Opera rocks, it’s just a shame that almost no site on the Internet keeps to the standards so look rather rubbish in Opera.

  3. Devil, I use 3 browsers 😛

    Mel, AHHHHHHHHHH, that’s why I got to sign in each time! Thanks!

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