25 Sexual Things About Me


I wanted to do something nice to get on BlogStormz, and I’m currently writing a post about their latest topic:

November: By The Fire

  1. I am horny all the time, and I mean ALL. Any time of day, it takes very little to get me aroused and alot to turn me off.
  2. I am not gay, I only have sex with women, that’s my choice.
  3. I’m getting hard just typing this 3rd sexual thing about me.
  4. I wake up with a hard cock every single morning, I’m not sure if it’s because I have wet-dreams.
  5. I can have sex multiple times in one session, I get hard again very quickly
  6. I love cybering with someone, it’s the reason for this blog.
  7. A sultry voice can drive me wild, I’m partial to irish/scottish accents, they make me hard.
  8. I long for a threesome with 2 women and myself.
  9. I don’t mind light bondage, but nothing too hardcore, it’s not my thing.
  10. I’m not sure if I have any fetishes…I don’t think I do.
  11. I’m a tits man, tho don’t count the ass out just yet.
  12. I like it rough, hard, but not quick, I like to enjoy a fuck.
  13. I’m still on the lookout for a good sex-buddy.
  14. My cock isn’t huge, I’d say it’s about average. I just know how to use it really well.
  15. I’m a very touchy person, in the sense, I want to touch you all over.
  16. I’m normally very sensitive, I like to make a woman feel wanted and totally aroused by me.
  17. I like being in control of a situation, though with the right woman, I’d let her be the boss.
  18. I love addng toys to a sexual moment, it adds to the pleasure.
  19. I love to titty fuck, I can’t explain why.
  20. Enough mental stimulation and I can probably cum without anyting ever touching my cock.
  21. Knowing a woman far away is getting wet because of what I’m writing or what I say to her, is another way to get my cock very hard.
  22. I have wild fantasies, I’m gonna be sharing some with you all on this Blog very soon. They include some wishes from real life too.
  23. I want to have sex in an airplane, a car, a pool and at work.
  24. I love to watch a woman dress up for me, and stip her later.
  25. I love the smell of a woman who’s aroused, it’s simply amazing.

More 25 Things at blogstormz.com.

Hmm, that was fun! I think I’ll do a 100 Sexual Things at some future time too 😉

6 Responses to “25 Sexual Things About Me”

  1. Very glad to hear about # 1. I started getting wet at #5. Even happier to hear about #11. I think number #20 is a challenge that I would enjoy. Keep these coming, I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. I’m working on a “List of 50 Sexual Things” next Cum Slut, they’ll be out soon I hope, till then, stay wet 😉

  3. Hey naughty boy! Thanks for the big plug for BlogStormz! I can’t wait to read your “By the fire” post.

    Mel xxx

  4. Hey Mel, thanks for dropping by & my pleasure, it looks like a fantastic place to be part of 🙂

  5. Both the lists are enlightening!
    Thanks !

  1. 1 50 Sexual Things About Me « Talking Dirty…

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